“... because it doesn’t offend any of our senses”


Users have come to dislike flush toilets ... here is why:

An advanced "dry toilet" is actually better than a flush toilet … not just for environmentalists but for users in ordinary homes.

For that to be true all the old prejudices against using a dry toilet must be removed... not in theory but in practice.  We have worked to solve what would offend our senses and this is the result:

VISION: a good looking toilet with a magical optical illusion

- other dry toilet fixtures often reminds us of outhouses — CompostEra was created by a designer who makes bullet-train designs and other advanced high-tech products. The outside is elegant and could fit any contemporary or classic bathroom. But the magic is in the light-absorbing inside that in combination with the right lighting in the bathroom eliminates any view of the inside by an effective optical illusion.  

This is the secret behind our ability to have a no-flush toilet … nothing sticks and nothing can be seen. In extreme circumstances if anything IS seen, it is easily removed with water and a brush ... this happens much less in a CompostEra than in a WC with a white shiny porcelain surface where every little speck stands out.

HEARING: you only hear the whisper of the ventilation

- The compostera toilet is silent and a quiet fan only reminds you of the permanent ventilation.

A WC often has a flushing noise and a rushing of water in the pipe-system.

TOUCH: the heated seat is a sensational success especially in cold bathrooms

- our seat is heated and the customers, who are addicted to it, say that the heated seat is the first thing they miss when there is a power-outage :-)  We used to have the "hot-seat” as an extra but no one ordered it even though we knew that they would appreciate it if they had it … now it is a standard part of the installation and frankly, it has become what our customers appreciate the most even after they have gotten used to the other conveniences such as the "use and leave” without worries about what is left in the bowl. WCs can also clog, over-flow, freeze in vacation cottages and leave stains of rust and manganese, if the water isn’t pristine !

SMELL: this bathroom is always odour free

the bathroom must NEVER smell — odor attracts insects … our dry toilet ventilates the whole bathroom down through the toilet all the time and in the process, it removes the humidity that would collect low — no other bathroom ventilation is required. 

This way, no odor ever escapes into the bathroom, so it stays odor-free for when you arrive, during use and no odor is left behind when you leave … your average WC does not accomplish this.

TASTE: bad odours impact our taste

- You would think that our sense of taste has nothing to do with the toilets but actually some odors give us "a bad taste” that can be tangible!

INTUITION: our 6th sense knows that mixing pee and poo with drinking water cannot be undone

- We know from decades of interaction with users (actually over half a century), that many originally bought the CompostEra for concern about how we kill oceans with sewage, how groundwater is made undrinkable, how rivers and lakes become ”sewers" as fish die from lack of oxygen and that we contribute to these problems every time we flush a WC.  Many of those customers report that their unconscious is greatly comforted from knowing that they do not contribute to this degradation.  That they can actually use their own plant-nutrients safely in their garden.

HABIT: habit can be the greatest obstacle to any change ...

  1. -Habit can be the greatest obstacle to new methods and new better technology. The sewer industry was early on out to convert the experience gathered by for example Bechtel Corp. (the builders of pipelines for Standard Oil) to build up a pipeline network for sewage and it is important to know that the leading industry was the pipeline experts and that the pipelines require flush toilets [not the other way around] … this is why we have no room for improved toilets not using water for transportation ! But in the end, we have to consider what does NOT pollute our oceans and the only choice the sewer industry has offered us is wether we want to discharge raw sewage or treated sewage … NOT wether we should produce sewage or not produce sewage to begin with.
    This is one reason, why we keep the solids in the process tank for 30 - 40 years ... when we don’t discharge, there is nothing much to regulate.

We may need to be aware that the Laws were early on written by the sewer industry for the sewer industry, first in the USA PL92-500 and this “Clean Water Act” legislation has been copied by almost all countries having flush toilets and sewers, giving essentially a monopoly to the sewer industry over sanitation.  How could that have happened you ask ?

... Because they were the only people having “expertise” and having the funding. Once sewers to remove the body excreta along with the water got accepted as the only alternative, logic started to operated on the laws of “How to do it” and several absurd consequences:
It became more or less illegal not to have sewage ... if you didn’t have sewage you were assumed to be hiding it somewhere and you were charged a sewer fee regardless !