“It feels like luxury -- using it, you realize that flush-toilets are the primitive ones, all toilets should be like this ”

A visitor to a public CompostEra in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is good looking, takes up less space in the bathroom than a flush toilet, always odor-free, has a warm seat, is quiet, no need to flush (uses no water) just use and leave ... no risk of clogging, easy to keep clean and care for. The process tank, which stands below the toilet can go for 30 - 40 years with no need to empty. The processed odour-free liquid, held in a separate container, is the best fertilizer to be found due to its broad-spectrum nutrient composition of both macro and micro-nutrients ... perfect for garden or farm land use.

As both solids and liquids are contained, nothing is discharged.

No discharge means that no permits normally are needed ... [permits are generally permits-to-discharge something]. The feces and paper are processed for decades so potential pathogens [virus, bacteria, parasites, prions, drug-residues] are kept locked up and won’t ever enter the environment. The liquid becomes pathogen free.  Isn’t this what all environmental protection agencies should encourage instead of supporting laws that demand WCs and sewers, destroying drinking water and destroying the potentially best fertilizer we can get ? 

Sewers according to OCEANA are by far the largest contributors to the destruction of the oceans and they cost a fortune to connect to in rural areas ... CompostEra typically costs about 1/10.

So far dry toilets have been  consideraed a joke and not able to compete with WCs ... that is changing.  

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